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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Aqarey Online has full authority to the right to change or switch or increase or decrease in any part of this Agreement, in full or in part, at any time, and will be announced any amendment to this Agreement.

Aqarey Online can change, suspend or arrest of any part of the contents of the Aqarey Online at any time, including the content, and databases that include the Aqarey Online.

Aqarey Online can also impose limits on certain contents or services or to determine the conditions of your access site Aqarey Online or any portion of its parts without declaration or legal liability.

In the event of a disagreement between the parties on the implementation of the provisions of this agreement is concerned with Kuwait courts or any other court of competent jurisdiction to consider the dispute with regard to the urgency of the judiciary.

Aqarey Online can conduct surveillance on the contents of the site, and too freely dispose of the information or materials that are sent to him by you or collected during your use of Aqarey Online, the site may disclose any information, in any case empowered by law.

When you are creating messages or send files or data, or make any form of communication "contacts entry" (individual or collective), you grant it for "Aqarey Online" full right to use these "reviews" copied and licensing and adapted and distribution, detection and launch to the public and re-established and communicated, modify, edit, and use to take advantage of them in each of the areas of media now known or later developed, and that a permanent, universal and not limited final and non-exceptional and free. Under this, waive all rights to any claim against Aqarey Online (www.aqareyonline.com) respect of any breach was, real or alleged, in respect of any right of property rights, rights of confidentiality and advertising, moral rights, and the rights of those outstanding ratio Posts. Recognize that these posts directed to and from the Aqarey Online are not a secret, and there can be found on your calls and read by others. Recognize that when you send these posts to Aqarey Online, Aqarey Online not linked to any confidential relationship, financial or implied contractual or other relationship except conferred by you of this Agreement.

Accept the terms of service:

This agreement between you and the Aqarey Online apply. Your use of private mail to the site of "Aqarey Online" you agree to the Terms of Service set forth below. Site for "Aqarey Online" acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Service and that you approved. If you do not agree to this particular use does not allow you to enter or use Aqarey Online conditions.

Membership account and password and protection measures:

Word will select your own password you are responsible for keeping it secret, and therefore bear full responsibility for everything that can happen to your password or account that is owned by, and agree to:

Aqarey Online Management immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or account given to you or any other breach of the protection measures and stop account without re-open this account and you can create another account.

Working to confirm you out of your account at the end of your business on the site. Aqarey Online does not assume any responsibility in the event of any loss or damage can result fail to comply with this paragraph.


Privacy policy:

The registration Data and certain other information about you fall under the privacy policy Aqarey Online, it will not share personal information you provide on this site outside Aqarey Online only after obtaining permission.


Organic behaviour:

You represent and warrant and undertake:

Will not work on the withdrawal or sent or receipt or distribution or publication of any material from the available materials on the Aqarey Online, which would:

To limit or prevent any other user from using the site and take advantage of its contents.

That violates the law or carries a threat or aggression or a spa or a cup or obscene immoral act or an attack or a departure from the morals and ethics.

Be paid to do the behaviour is considered criminal infringement or encourage it, which would lead to civil liability or any form of breaking the law.

That infringes on the rights of other third parties or steals or exceeds these rights relating to each of intellectual property rights, without limitation, commercial rights and the rights of registered patents and public rights or any right of property rights.

This materials include information virus or anything else harmful site.

Be available on any information or informational programs or other material of a commercial nature.

To include any advertising or whatever the propaganda.

Or form or available on false or misleading signals related to the source of information or news.

Must be read and agree to the terms of registration Aqarey Online location, location and registration Aqarey Online signifies your agreement and your commitment to the terms of registration, participation and when breach of any of these terms shall have the right to manage the Aqarey Online stop or cancel your membership immediately.



Under the contract you agree to indemnify Aqarey Online and defend it and keep the damage to him all that would lead to inflicting liability and loss-site and all the officials of the directors, owners, agents and its employees and its suppliers news and topics, its affiliates, licensors and licensees which, generally, "Parties that are compensated" for accountabilities and all losses incurred by him in respect of any claim arising out of any breach of the destination of this Agreement or any form of agreements and guarantees and future contracts, including all reasonable legal expenses arising or related to any allegation. Aqarey Online retains the right, on his own responsibility, to assume the burdens of defences and report on any of the issues that relate to reimburse you, and under this you are not allowed in any circumstances the report in any order without a written approval from Aqarey Online.


Evacuation responsibility:

Aqarey Online is committed to doing all that is available of the contents and information systems, functions, materials and information provided on the site, before it "as is," according to the maximum permitted by law. Aqarey Online does not provide, nor any of its affiliates or its affiliates, any representation or warranties whatever the content of the linked Aqarey Online or any of the materials, information and functions usable by available information systems on Aqarey Online. Aqarey Online does not bear any responsibility for any of the products or services or electronic links relating to other third parties, and does not assume responsibility for any violation of safety associated with sending sensitive information via the Aqarey Online or any link of ties. On top of that, Aqarey Online does not give any clear guarantees were or embedded, relating to, without exception, not the ability of the violation or the safety of the terms of trade or authority relating to any order of things. Aqarey Online does not guarantee that the data on its website or any of its materials or its contents are free of errors. Aqarey Online also does not guarantee that such errors will be corrected, or that the Aqarey Online or information system that runs through it will be free of viruses or anything harmful. It will not be Aqarey Online, or any of its affiliates or branches, responsible for the use of Aqarey Online, including, without exception, the content or any fault of its existing errors.


Entire Agreement:

This agreement represents a full contract between you and the Aqarey Online (www.aqareyonline.com), with regard to your use of Aqarey Online. Any suit, about any action with your use Aqarey Online, must be lifted within one month of submitting the objection, or the cause of the act in question. If you find competent judicial court, for whatever reason, cannot implement any provision of the terms of the agreement, or part thereof, this item is the application of maximum border award and authorized, so that the implementation of the significance of the Convention, that all other terms and provisions of the agreement in force and effect remains effect. And disclaims Aqarey Online from any responsibility for the content of any third-party materials, available through links and links on the Aqarey Online or published by members of forums.


Holistic Agreement:

Site "Aqarey Online" on the links and references contain to other Internet sites, and sources around the world, and links officials or advertisers, these connections that link between "Aqarey Online" and any of the other sites, which are managed by a third party do not carry the "Aqarey Online" or the third party, any liability, they do not represent any type of authentication on the contents of those sites, and the "Aqarey Online" not responsible for the views and opinions and ideas and statements and information that display it, or distributed through it, it does not represent the view of the site, Please note that all these opinions, tips and viewpoints, ideas and statements, reports and information but being at your own risk And it retains Aqarey Online right according to private estimates to correct any errors or defects in any part of the site "Aqarey Online", nor the site "Aqarey Online" and cannot review all the material published in its pages and recorded by users and visitors, members, so the site "Aqarey Online" It is not responsible for those materials. And it maintains a site "Aqarey Online" anyway Permanent right and when necessary to uncover any information that would benefit justice, public order and the requirements of the government as well as in check or revise, reject or erase any material that it finds Aqarey Online according to estimates own, reprehensible or inconsistent with the provisions of this the agreement.


Real estate data:

All the data displayed on the site for real estate for personal use and private users, and Usage non-commercial users and is available for the redeployment of the data or transmission or copying. No user may use or sale of real estate data for the purpose other than the purpose of trying to property or real estate for sale or purchase evaluation.



Aqarey Online has the right to prevent or cancel the user logs on to the site or stop dealing with anyone in the case of having to use profanity, obscenity, threats, harassment, defamatory, obnoxious, abusive in any way or exposure in any way to any member of the Aqarey Online worse on the site, e-mail, phone calls or messages, in writing, or in person.


 The use of the site's content:

You can download, view, and print a copy of any other content, for your purposes only personal and non-commercial, and is subject to the laws and limitations set forth in this Convention "use agreement". Name, logo, and all the content that appears on the site Aqarey Online, will remain the private property of the site Aqarey Online and its licensors. What is with the exception of what is expressly permitted in this agreement, and you may not use, modify or prepare derivative works based on the distribution, sale or transfer, display or any method using Aqarey Online site, or any apparent content in the site Aqarey Online


Paid services:

Client comply with all conditions of use, in case of violation shall have the right to manage the site to delete objectionable ads without compensation.

Aqarey Online site management have the right to change or modify the terms of the Declaration on the site at any time without notice, and these conditions become effective and binding for all customers directly. For this, the client acknowledges its commitment to current and future advertising requirements, and are, for example, and not limited to the form and content of the ad and how to display and duration of advertising and the number of points required for each advertisement.

The customer is committed not to put content on the site contrary to morality or law, it is also committed as a legal charge on any content that is placed on the site of the images and data, numbers, and prices, in the case of the client with the laws or the rights of ownership over one violation or any party has the right to manage the site to delete the offending content without compensation Customer.

It is expected that site Aqarey Online Services stop for hours and sometimes for several days due to maintenance or because of a technical error or any other cause, and in this case are not entitled to the customer demand management of any compensation only if the duration of downtime exceeded 7 consecutive days in one month, and in this case the client compensation period equal to the period of downtime that occurred.

No customer is entitled to the announcement of the Real Estate fake or real estate are not available or the use of prices of incorrect or outdated or put a price is the full price of the property or the use of image is not the true image of the property, in the case of the client in violation of this requirement shall be entitled to administer the site to delete the ad without the client compensation for its value, In the case of repeated violation of the right management close the customer's account.

In the case of sale of property publicly available, the customer is committed to banning this private property within 3 days of the date of sale advertising, the customer is not entitled to claim compensation for the value of advertising.

Site management has the right to refuse to deal with a particular client with or without any cause.

The client is responsible entirely on maintaining the confidentiality of information access to their account on the site, so the site is not responsible for penetrating the customer's account or someone else using his account without prior permission management, and advises management using the client to the word difficult and unique traffic to be protecting the customer's account the best shape possible.

It must contain information regarding advertising and real estate unit and only one. Management not accepts or deletes any ad that contains data, or price of, or the right areas more than one unit.


Site Content:

Aqarey Online offers and provides a variety of information and a number of tools on the site to help you. Comments and feedback from users in the pages of real estate information users are part of the contents of the site Aqarey Online of users of the site who have opted to add their comments and opinions on the site Aqarey Online. While the comments and additions for those who wish to see it available, it did not reflect the site Aqarey Online management opinion is not guaranteed or supported site Aqarey Online accuracy of the data in any published on the pages of the site. Aqarey Online site users should know that the site Aqarey Online Management does not contribute to the content contained in the comments and opinions published in the pages of the site by the users of the site.


No guarantee:

Aqarey Online disclaims all warranties of any, which includes including in the piece, for example, but not limited to:

Any warranties concerning the availability, accuracy and usefulness of the data, or content or access to information without interruption.

Any guarantees names and addresses non-infringement, merchantability for a particular purpose. This disclaimer of liability utter any damage or injury caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer viruses, connection failure, theft, destruction, or unauthorized access, or amendments to the information with the use or operation of the service, whether for breach of contract, behaviour, negligence, or any other cause of action.

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